CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner

What is the CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner?

The CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner with its Dashboard supports embedding ESD in curriculum design by providing different visualisations to guide the curriculum design process. All the elements represented in the three pillars of the CoDesignS ESD Framework are easily visualised in the CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner Dashboard as presented below.

The CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner has supported a large number of teams attending the CoDesignS ESD course and Bootcamps.

CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner – Version 03 – © 2021 CoDesignS ESD

The CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner in practice

The video below presents the work carried out by some of the Bootcamp 2022 teams using the CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner. The universities featured are: Queen’s University Belfast, Glasgow Caledonian University, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Exeter, American University of Sharjah and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Enabling a co-creation approach

The CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner is cloud based accessible via Google Workspace. It supports the process of embedding Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in curriculum design using a co-design and co-creation approach.

How can I access the CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner?

The CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner is available under different plans via the Association for Learning Design and Education for Sustainable Development (ALDESD). Get in touch to discuss your requirements!

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